Annual YL International Single Side Band System

QSO Party 2016


Dedicated to building friendship among all people through amateur radio; to be of service to our fellow man.
 The QSO Party is open to all; Members as well as non-members


The SSB and CW will held on the same weekend.

They will be held over a two day period. 

Date: Saturday Jan 23, 2016 @ 0000 UTC to Sunday Jan 24, 2016 @ 2359 UTC



Score Sheet Download (word)

Score Sheet Download (pdf)


Logs to be submitted and postmarked to VE1JIM no later than the 04 Mar 2016

Jim Flowers - VE1JIM

106 - 555 13th Street

West Vancouver

British Columbia

V7T 2N8

You may email logs to

[must be less than 7 pages due to email constraints]

Logs to be received/postmarked no later than the 04 Mar 2016


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